Release Notes for BabiaXR

This doc gathers all the information about the releases made by the Springs/Milestones of BabiaXR.

Release notes

NPM 1.2.6 version

Added babia-experiment and eveything related to the experiments feature.

NPM 1.2.5 version

Colors palettes

  • Added the feature of change the color palette just adding an array:
 <a-entity babia-barsmap='animation: true; x_axis: name; z_axis: age; height: size; legend: true; from: queriertest; palette: ["#ffb02e", "#8600c4", "#007700", "#00388c", "#df0084", "#00c4ff"]' position="-10 0 0" rotation="0 0 0"></a-entity>

NPM 1.2.4 version

Range Selector

  • Included this new component
  • Default value now can be custom


  • When data changes the bars now changes, fixed the bug


  • Add lookat and scale to the legends in bars, cyls, doughnut, pie and bubbles


NPM 1.2.3 version


Included this new component


NPM 1.2.2 version

Hot fixes in 1.2.2

Bugs related to boats and load GLTF with webpack4

Hot fixes in 1.2.1

Bugs related to boats and UI

Queens Blade


All components works using NOTIBUFFER and ASYNC calls, big new feautre that improves performance, see NOTIBUFFER API

Time evolution boats

Time evolution boats has been added, used with a selector, see this tutorial


Selector adapted to all the components


NPM 1.1.4 version

Network component changes

Barsmap component changes

Cylsmap component changes

UI component changes

Multiuser feature changes

Time evolution feature

Async feature

One Punch Man

NPM 1.1.3 version

Multiuser NEW

Async WIP

Boats component changes

Web changes

UI changes

Time evolution feature and selector component NEW

Network component changes

Axis component changes


NPM 1.1.2 version

Boats component changes

Network componente NEW

Web changes

New time evolution

Mazinger Z

New time evolution



NPM 1.1.1 version

Stack changes

Boats component changes

User Interface component changes

City component changes


NPM 1.1.0 version

  • New STACK (see
  • Al the documentation updated with the islands and city visualizations and the new way to build scenes.


NPM 1.0.12 version

  • Added testing for the components
  • First iteraction of adding the vismapper component to codecity
  • Demo with screenshots.


NPM 1.0.11 version

  • Changed the name of the components to babiaxr- .
  • Created vismapper’s interface for Oculus Quest.
  • Added new demo with all updates until now.
  • Fixed raycaster bugs.
  • Updated the website with new guides and information about the BabiaXR components.


  • Updated the website with new documentation.

Fairy Tail

  • Added filters in filterdata component.
  • Created a UI interface in vismapper component.
  • Changed the names of the babia-components (ex. babia-3dbarchart).
  • Created documentation and scripts about How to create a time evolving software city

Excel Saga

  • Added some unit tests for codecity component.
  • Updated with infomation about how to test code in BabiaXR.

Detective Conan

NPM 1.0.10 version

  • Main page of babiaXR updated (with a blog!).
  • Demo for VISSOFT paper prepared (
  • UI Navbar now supports big time points (defining the points per line).
  • UI Navbar supports multiple components aiming.

Cowboy Bepop

NPM 1.0.9 version

  • Quarter and building legends in CodeCity chart.
  • UI navigation bar component created for time evolution visualization (more information in README).
  • Event controller component created for use the ui nav bar with the common visualizations (more information in README).
  • The examples has been adapted for using it with the Oculus Quest device.
  • Added time evolution codecity examples for commit by commit, year by year, month by month and week by week examples for Perceval and Sortinghat projects.


NPM 1.0.8 version

  • Added scale to the charts
  • Added titles to the charts
  • Created Terrain component
  • Added time evolution commit by commit for codecity (from present to past)


NPM 1.0.7 version

  • Added demo with COVID-19 data.
  • Improvement of CodeCity time evolution, showing empty fences on the files that used to exist but don’t exist in the current time snapshot. Area of the buildings set to the max area of all its history.
  • Added color palette option to visualizations.
  • Added querier_es to query ElasticSearch Databases.
  • Added cylinder (3D an 3D) and doughnut charts to the components set.
  • Added animation to the visualizations (except pie and doughnut chart).
  • Added Totem chart in order to change the data of some visualizations dynamically.


Name Start date End Date Information Board Release Notes NPM version
Akira 2020-04-22 2020-05-06 Link Link Link 1.0.7
Bobobo 2020-05-06 2020-05-20 Link Link Link 1.0.8
Cowboy Bepop 2020-05-20 2020-06-11 Link Link Link 1.0.9
Detective Conan 2020-06-10 2020-06-24 Link Link Link 1.0.10
Excel Saga 2020-06-24 2020-07-08 Link Link Link -
Fairy Tail 2020-07-22 2020-08-05 Link Link Link -
Gantz 2020-08-19 2020-09-02 Link Link Link -
Haikyu!! 2020-09-09 2020-10-22 Link Link Link 1.0.11
Inuyasha 2020-10-22 2020-11-05 Link Link Link 1.0.12
Kakegurui - - Link Link Link 1.1.0
Light - 2021-03-08 Link Link Link 1.1.1
Mazinger Z - 2021-04-21 Link Link Link -
Naruto - 2021-05-04 Link Link Link 1.1.2
One Punch Man 2021-05-04 2021-06-07 Link Link Link 1.1.3
Pokemon 2021-06-07 2021-06-26 Link Link Link 1.1.4
Queens Blade 2021-06-26 2021-09-29 Link Link Link 1.2.1