User Guide: Selector-Navigator Component

How to use Selector and Navigator component

This is the user guide that explains how to use the navigator component to manage the selector component.

The component looks like this.


  1. Timeline: Display the index of the data in that point of time. On desktop: if you click on anywhere of the track, the visualizer display that index. On Oculus: you can move the lever of the slider along the track to change the index to display. This will pause the progress.

  2. Player Controller: Those buttons let manage the movement of the selector component.

    • Rewind/Forward: Change the direction of the temporal evolution.
    • Previous/Next Skip: Skip to previous or next point of time. This will pause the progress.
    • Pause/Play: Pause/Play the progress
  3. Steps Controller: Lets change the number of steps between point of time (eg. 4 by 4). Its use is similar to timeline.

  4. Speed Contoller: Lets change the speed of the temporal evolution (eg. x2). Its use is similar to timeline.